Guide to Adapters & Voltage

July 02, 2019

What is an adapter?

An adapter fits your plug into the wall socket. An adapter only changes the shape of a plug. 

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What is Voltage?

Voltage is the pressure from an electrical circuit’s power source that enables a device to work, such as illuminating light or charging your phone. American appliances run on 110 volts, while Europe and many other travel destinations run on 220 volts. Many devices are “dual voltage”. This means they will work in both America and Europe, but some will not be. It is important that this is checked prior to your adventure. The safest and easiest option is to purchase dual voltage devices. If you are wanting to travel with a device that is not dual voltage you will need a converter, keep in mind you will need to know the wattage of the device you wish to convert. This can be found on your device. If you live in Vancouver, BC, a great place to get a converter is Foreign Electronics at 432 East Broadway Ave.

How to check if a device is dual voltage?

Look on your device. If you see a range of voltages printed (such as “110-220”) you are fine to travel with it. Keep in mind some devices have a voltage switch. Make sure to switch it to 220 as you pack. If there is no voltage listed or only “110” is printed, your device is not dual voltage.



Pro Tip: Get your travel adapter before leaving for your destination. Don’t count on getting one at the airport, although they will be available, the price will be much higher.

1. What are you bringing that needs to be plugged in?

Most common will be a phone, camera, iPad/tablet, and laptop. What about hair appliances, electric toothbrush or razor? Will you be bringing anything else?

Try to simplify your power devices when traveling.

Pro tip: most hotels will have a hair dryer in the bathroom.

2. Are they dual voltage?

Your phone, camera, iPad/tablet, and laptop will be dual voltage, you don't need to worry about the voltage when traveling with these devices. As for other devices: hair appliances, electric toothbrush or razor, and anything else you might want to bring it is important to check if they are dual voltage before leaving for your destination.

3. Verify the plug types and voltage for your destination:

Check out the list below to verify the plug types and voltage for your destinations.

4. What not to bring:

Try to only travel with the essentials, and simplify your power devices when you are traveling. Never bring a device that is not labeled as dual voltage without a voltage converter.

Don’t travel with any home appliances (blender, kettle, toaster, vacuum, microwave, etc.)


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