Wanderlust's Best Travel Tips!

July 16, 2019

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  • Bring a water bottle and packable tote bag while traveling to reduce waste (some shops don't give out single-use bags) 


  • Try out a pair of compression socks on your next flight 

Sockwell compression socks are great for everyday use and long flights. Sockwell has a fantastic variety of colors and patterns, well-constructed design and well-considered practices. Compression socks minimize swelling, promote circulation, and reduce fatigue!


  • Don't be afraid to use a map

Grab a map for your next adventure and partner it with your favorite travel app! Using a map is a great way to disconnect from the online world, and stay away from crazy data charges!


  • Place essential items, toiletries (less than 100 ml) and some clothes (t-shirts, underwear...) in your carry-on just in case your checked-in luggage get lost by the airline. 


  • Bring a small spray bottle for water (really small is fine) for spritzing your hair for second-day styles and for smoothing out wrinkles in clothing when you don’t have access to steam or an iron!


  • Always have an extra pair of contact lenses when traveling! Just in case! 


  • Shop local independent grocery stores for dinner inspiration.


  • Rick Steves has free audio podcasts for Europe.


  • Spend more time in fewer places

Instead of racing around trying to experience it all, use this travel tip on your next adventure. Keep your travels stress free and relaxing by taking your time, whether you’re going to Paris for the weekend, or traveling through Southeast Asia for 3 months. Enjoy each location you visit a little longer for the optimal travel experience!


  • When traveling shop and eat locally 

For a more authentic experience on your next adventure, travel as the locals do! Whether it be choosing a local tour guide or shopping and eating at locally owned businesses. This will help you better understand the culture, support the local economy and leave with some memorable discoveries. Shop local in your own city or next time you’re in Vancouver by visiting us at 1929 West 4th Ave in Kitsilano!


No-Jet-Lag relieves symptoms such as sleepiness, fatigue, and irritability caused by long-distance travel across multiple time zones by restoring the body’s natural clock rhythm. Now you can recover from jet lag faster and arrive with the energy you need to get through your next adventure, whether it be sightseeing, attending a business meeting, or visiting friends and family.

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