Travelon Anti-Theft LockDown Bag



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Keep valuables locked down and safe on-the-go. At busy tourist spots, at the beach, in an Air B&B, even in your gym locker your valuables are vulnerable to theft. Hiding a passport or purse in your hotel room is inviting misfortune. It surprises most to learn how many people have keys or access to cruise cabins, dorm rooms, even hospital rooms. Theft is a crime of opportunity and the Travelon¨ Anti-Theft LockDown bag stops theft. With features like slash-resistant strap and body material, sold brass lock and one piece construction allowing you to lock down your bag to any stationary object knowing that you will keep your valuables safe and sound. LockDown bags come in two sizes, one for essential items the other for larger iPad size items.



  • LockDown bag stops theft with features like SafeTex slash-resistant strap and body material, sold brass lock and one-piece construction
  • Keep valuables safe when on-the-go
  • Use while traveling in a car, plane, train, bike or boat; while playing sports or at sporting events; at the pool or beach; while staying at a hotel, hostel or Airbnb; in a closet, dorm or hospital room



  • Size: 6" x 9.25"  
  • Material: SafeTex  

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