Aunts and Uncles Goldfish Wallet

Wanderlust Travellers' Store

GOF50870-37 Hazelnut


Always turning the same rounds becomes very boring over the time. Goldfish is delighted, however, to leave his aquarium looking for adventures with you.

Material and Care

The bags of the Good Old Friends-line are made of soft and polished premium buffalo leather, which is at a high percentage vegetable tanned and oiled, waxed and refined by hand. Using the bags generates a patina.

Tapir Oil from Tapir and wax paste like Collonil Classic Rustical are suitable for care. Superficial dirt can be removed with transparent eraser. For wet cleaning you can use Collonil Organic Bamboo Lotion.


zipper section with:
• plaid lining
• two note pockets
• coin pocket with zipper
• two large insert pockets
• six card pockets

under the flap:
• two large insert pockets
• twelve card pockets
• decorative stitching


Overall dimensions: about 17 × 10 × 3 cm

Weight: 0.30kg

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